YouYi IOS Test Flight Signature

Distributing new models Test Flight,Apple official approval,no any risk

No drop of signature

Unlimited software type

Unlimited downloads

Sign now Immediate

YouYi IOS Test Flight Signature

More stability

Use an Apple-approved distribution model , which will be more stable than enterprise signatures.

Professional senior team service, Give your app a pre-review to make your app better distributed.

No need to trust, install directly

Use Apple's official link address, users can install and rest assured

Download the application without trust certificate, download directly.

Application update information is pushed through Apple's official channels, which is faster

no risk-free, with Less restricted.

Distribute links no longer worry about blocking risks and no device restrictions.

Any Apple device can be downloaded and used, completely stay away from enterprise signature frequent drop-offs.

Let you have the most cost-effective signature experience.

Common Questions


Are there any restrictions on uploading applications?


Unlimited, Just provide the correct IPA package.


How long can I use after submitting the correct package?


The normal time is 1-3 days, if it urgent, please contact our customer service. Customer service QQ1522783378


For how long is the link installation valid?


Valid for 3 months.


What is the limit on the number of downloads of links?


Download up to 10,000 times per install link and Regenerate a new install link every 10,000 times.