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Dose App Store has many review rules? Is it difficult to upload iOS App on App store?
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Will it be rejected by App store for these reasons?

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IPV6 network cannot access dedicated solutions

Solve IPV6 network problems in one step without making any changes to server and domain configuration.

Experienced in uploading App to App store

A Years of experience in uploading iOS App on App Store, successfully serving up thousands of apps through the review, All successfully passed the review. Mature technology and experience, detailed review of audit rules, we let the application passed review only on one time.

In-depth analysis of the reasons for rejection.

In-depth and detailed analysis of the reasons for iOS rejection. According to application functions, content, materials, environment, new policy changes, etc., comprehensively and deeply avoid the risk of rejection.

App uploading on App store is rejected for various reasons.

Professional solution app passed without confidence, app rejection, prolonged review cycle, Can't read Apple's rejected upload app on App store email.

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The review will be completed Within 48 hours.

We promise to complete the review within 48 hours of receiving the pre-review submission. Time and quality are our common requirements, only using the most effective way to help you quickly pass the App Store review.

We are more than consulting services.

Developer account application registration, APP pre-review, email processing, one-to-one technical solution to solve the problems, and dialogue with Apple to ensure online, unsuccessfully the fees will be refund.