Android APP upload

Do you have these troubles? when upload apps on Android Store,Too many app stores to choose?
laws and regulations and what licenses are required, and have no visits ?
Let's solve them one by one.

Upload now

"Ordinary upload process" V.S "YouYi upload process"

Ordinary upload

Upload1app store

YouYi upload

Upload more than1000app stores all around the world

Launch the APP to China's app stores and win 1 billion mobile users

Google play is not accessible in China. Do you know which APP stores are used by users in China?Do you know Chinese laws and regulations and what licenses are required? Do you know how to write titles and keywords that will help users find you?All these problems can be solved by Youyi. We are a Chinese company that has been deeply engaged in the mobile Internet for 10 years. We know more about China's policies, rules and users.

YouYi upload advantages

Fast submit

Quickly submit to app store in more than 100 countries and save at least 96 hours for you

Timely feedback

Feedback the status of application audit in time to facilitate your promotion and other follow-up actions

Convenient management

Conveniently manage market accounts, which are developers' own account and can take over at any time

Timely upload

Ensure timely upload, in addition to the application of their own reasons, such as installation package problems

We can do more

● We are not only do consulting service, but also register developer's account , APP pre-review, email processing, one-to-one technical solution for problems, communication with Android App Store company, and ensure the launch successful,we will refund the fee if fail.

● Provide upload service of thousands of app stores in more than 100 countries around the world, laying a solid foundation for your globalization; do you not understand local laws, regulations and policies? Don’t know which app stores are used by a large number of users? How to submit keywords to get flow? How can launch be reviewed and approved by the app store? Come to "YouYi", our partners in various places around the world provide localized professional APP upload services for everyone!