Remember the demo game at the iPhone 11 conference? It's finally available

Apple brought the real incense machine iPhone 11 at the autumn new product launch in 2019. At the launch, a game from the Chinese development team was used to demonstrate the performance of the new mobile phone. This game is the Pascal Contract. The game is now available globally in the App Store (pre-order), exclusively on the iOS platform, and will be officially opened for download on January 16 at a price of 45 yuan.

"Pascal Contract" is a rare domestic hard-core action game. Players operate four professional characters to fight against giant monsters from unknown sources in a world full of darkness.

The four occupations are swordsman, gunman, mage, and boxer, each of which has its own unique system, which brings different skills and unique BUFF (debuff) settings. At the same time, a "sense" system is also introduced in the game. As the enemy's killing progresses, the character's sense may collapse from normal to the world, causing the world to change, and the monsters and bosses encountered will increase greatly. Winning battles with different "sense" values will result in different achievement rewards.

The battle of the game is very difficult. There are three values to pay attention to during the battle: health, endurance, and anger. Dodge and attack both require endurance. Endurance can be quickly replenished when not consumed, but the total amount of endurance is not enough to support the character's frequent dodge. Therefore, the overall character operation requires the player to pay attention to the number of evasion and attacks, to avoid the end of the endurance value can not evade BOSS attacks, so the player should appropriately stop the attack and streamline the evasion operation according to the endurance.

The game is proficient in combat and expensive to learn, so it is also called "Black Soul" by mobile players. BOSS's attack is fast and the interval is short. There is no fixed routine to predict the next move in advance. You can only determine the current attack moves and actions of the BOSS by the BOSS's forward attack. At the same time, the player cannot easily withstand BOSS attacks, which will cause you a lot of damage and rigidity. Can't dodge while being straightened. If the operation is incorrect, the probability of being overturned is extremely high (not greedy)!

Judging from player feedback during the game trial stage, the threshold for this game is low but the ceiling is high. It may discourage many handicapped players, and even players with action game foundations will be abused in the BOSS battle. But when you win the BOSS battle by relying on your own technical improvement and proficiency, you can experience a strong sense of accomplishment brought by hardcore games. It has also been proven once again that the label "Black Soul" is not always a gimmick. The reason why the hard core is hard core is because the factors that determine the outcome of the battle only exist in the player's control of the operation, and it is not about nor does it affect the outcome of the battle. Force, value, etc. This can be called a real hard core.

"Pascal Contract" also borrowed from the settings of many Souls Like games, but instead of a simple combination, it has been deeply modified. At the same time, there are novel settings that provide a basis for setting excellent stories. At present, it is a work that completely challenges the inherent impression potential of gamers' opponents. It has the quality and standard of the host side, but can also take into account the mobile game needs of hardcore players. It is worth looking forward to.

Game Features:

1. Numerous NPCs and hidden branches

2. Buyout payment, no micro transactions

3. Three-dimensional map with great sense of exploration

4. Support handle, better operation experience

5. Follow-up plans to launch PVP, multiplayer PVE mode

6. Cinematic performance and narrative, full voice

7. Dozens of enemies, rich and deep ACT battles

More than 20 hours of game content, memorable adventure stories

9.4 manipulable characters with distinctive fighting styles

10. Extremely powerful soundtrack, played by the world famous symphony orchestra

11.DLC is planned after release, adding new operable characters and new plots