Makeapp how to remove makeup

makeapp is a very popular makeup remover software abroad. Users can implement a makeup remover function through software, quickly identify makeup information through AI, and restore the most authentic face through anti-beauty technology. So how does makeapp remove makeup? makeapp is a very interesting anti-beauty selfie software. The AI in this app can automatically recognize makeup and make beautiful women look beautiful with one-click operation, exposing their true faces. Do n’t miss it if you like, push it There are also many people who show the comparison of the makeup of the girl after the makeup is peeled off through the APP. The effect is also amazing. Want to see your girlfriend or pursue the true look of the object? This app supports both Apple and Android, come and feel the charm of Su Yan.

怎么 How to remove makeup with one click.

1. Intelligent AI automatically recognizes makeup and beauty effects in images.

2. One-click processing of beautiful picture effects, so that beautiful women can restore their plain image.

3, support sharing of various social software.

Familiar with the various techniques of beauty tools, such as thin face, microdermabrasion, or enlarged eyes, etc., it can give you one by one recovery, let the boys know the true colors of the beauty in the circle of friends, the operation is very simple, you only need to call out The pictures that have been beautiful, and then put in a white light after being put in, the restored photos will give the pictures before beauty, and carefully found that wrinkles, acne, etc. are all returned, and the girls must have looked terrible.

The mobile video speed change here refers to speeding up or slowing down a video on the mobile phone. When we often watch movies, we can always see that those video players have 2x speed playback and 0.5x speed playback functions, and some short videos. The video shift function will also be applied to make the audience look interesting, so how to shift the video on the phone.

1. To change the speed of the video first, you need to install a video editing software on your mobile phone. Here I will take the Quick Screen Recorder as an example.

2, after installing this software, open it, and enter a screen recording interface, but we are not going to record screen, so choose to open the video tool menu below.

3, after entering this menu, you can see that there are many video editing functions, of which the "video variable speed" function is in the video clip bar, and you can directly open it when you find it.

4, you will enter a video selection interface, select the video you want to change speed, and then click Next.

5. The selected video will appear in a clip editing interface. Click the "Shift" button below to enter the variable speed interface. You can see that there are five double speed options below the video, which are 1/4, 1/2, 1X, 2X, 4X, select the double speed you want to change, and click "√" in the lower right corner after selection.

6, return to the original clip editing interface, you can see that the video has been successfully changed, click "Next" above to go to the publishing interface to share and publish.

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