Why the WeChat APP has become a pain point for Internet portal app testing

For third parties, users are the basis for their rush.

The number of 400 million users is one reason, but Weibo is more than 500 million. However, the 400 million users of WeChat are real users. The identity of each WeChat user is determined, not a real-name system, but there must be one behind each account. For real people, this solves the problem of zombie powder on Weibo.

Attract users to log in, increase user stickiness, and let users become their own. It is the vast majority of websites that applications want to solve. WeChat is inherently equipped with account management functions. Users of ordinary APPs and WEBAPPs are not sure of their identity without logging in. , WeChat users must be logged in when using your public account. The OAUTH account APIs in the WeChat app are not open for the time being, but there are already ways to bind WeChat accounts to website accounts.

In terms of information arrival rate, the WeChat message reaching rate is close to 100%. A Weibo may be submerged in the "information flow", but WeChat is pushed to the user's mobile phone. The user must click to read it one by one. Do not launch the "All Mark as Read" feature. Many previous opinions believed that WeChat would drive users away because it was harassment. On the one hand, WeChat restricted WeChat public accounts to send only 1 message per day, and also allowed The user and the public account are "self-selected". If you really harass the user, it is also very easy for you to delete it.

Another is the threshold. The threshold for WeChat public account is very low. Only a QQ account or email can open a public account. For ordinary accounts, there is almost no development and maintenance cost. Focus on operation and promotion. WeChat Two-dimensional codes also play a big role in this link.

Taking iOS application as an example, due to the limitation of the operating system, it takes about 17 steps to install an internal test application on the tester's iPhone, which takes about 20 minutes, and the installation of each phone will repeat the above process, tedious distribution Procedures create serious obstacles to adequate testing.

The operating device is highly fragmented: For a long time, the fragmentation of the free upload app Android platform has been criticized for various reasons: complicated devices, many brands, different versions, inconsistent resolutions, etc. These not only cause huge obstacles to development, but also Brings a high cost to testing, and the reason why the iOS platform was popular with developers before was because of the uniformity of its devices and systems, which brought a lot of convenience to developers, but now, developing an iOS application At the same time, we have to consider as small as AppleWatch, as large as AppleTV and countless iPad and iPhone sizes and various systems from iOS6 to iOS9, so the fragmentation of the iOS platform has also become a major problem in developing high-quality applications.

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