Find a regular Apple Signature Provider business account application

At present, more and more people enter the iOS enterprise signature development industry, but due to Apple's increasingly strict audit mechanism and the scarcity of Apple developer accounts, many applications are difficult to be listed, but there are more methods than problems. It is more popular now to use "Apple Enterprise Signature" to successfully install its application enterprise signature on Apple devices to accumulate customers and earn revenue.

However, today's Apple enterprise signature market is mixed with unscrupulous scammers, which has led to the current high and low price limits for Apple enterprise signatures. The current market situation is also people ca n’t find their brains. There are thousands of enterprise signatures and tens of thousands, which is why we are looking for a formal Apple enterprise signature platform.

Liars have a variety of means and techniques. At present, the most common is the white gloves with empty gloves. They do not have any signed certificate in their hands. Sign, guarantee stability, and say there are no flaws, just like Apple is from their own home. People who know it know that Apple's corporate signature is not absolutely stable. Since the maximum use time of each certificate is one year, if it is manually deleted, The signing will also be immediately dropped. If the corporate account is sealed by Apple, the signing of the company's signature certificate application will also be dropped immediately. Therefore, according to the above comprehensive factors, Apple's corporate signature cannot be absolutely stable. Only a few screenshots of the "signers", 90% are scammers.

The second is to use a shared certificate as a pseudo-stable signature. Let ’s first take a look at the shared iOS signing certificate. As the name implies, this is a certificate shared by everyone and used by everyone. It is also a certificate that everyone in the industry knows. How much I sign tomorrow, some certificates can even reach hundreds of thousands of downloads, even if the certificate has not expired, Apple will detect and seal the number, and then the application signed by the app company signature will lose its signature and cannot be re-signed Use, in this case, the money is spent in vain, but the effect is intolerable.

Some customers really do n’t know the good and bad signers and scammers on the market, so be sure to keep your eyes open and find a regular signer to prevent being cheated. For example, if you are looking for a regular signer for Apple App, please contact us. Many developed application companies have cooperated with us, just for the sake of practicality and peace of mind.

Application for corporate account.

At present, it is very difficult to apply for a brand new enterprise account through Apple's official website. On the one hand, when applying for an Apple application signature number for an enterprise account, developers need to provide Apple with a large amount of information. The number of new enterprise account approvals is also extremely limited. Therefore, the current number of enterprise accounts in the market is very small. Therefore, this has led to many developers who really need Apple's enterprise account and cannot apply for an enterprise account.

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