What is the most basic way to package ios

What is the most basic method of ios package? After much hard work, and then developed these applications, the various functions are also debugged, then the encapsulation link will be entered next, and this link is also the most troublesome link, because In this link, many modules need to be encapsulated, and not all of them need to be encapsulated during encapsulation. Generally, the contents that do not need to be exposed need to be encapsulated, and those that can be exposed are not necessary. Encapsulated, so how do you do this work in this case? Let us introduce this issue.

Ios the whole process of encapsulation is relatively troublesome to do, especially if you do it for the first time, you may not be able to master many details. When encapsulating, you need to prepare a framework. After you have prepared this, then you need to pay attention to the need to use some libraries, because the different packages may use different libraries. Complete, and then start encapsulation. During the encapsulation, some libraries may have to be used, so it must be introduced, and some things that are not necessary should not be introduced. Ready for these tasks After that, the next step is to officially enter the packaging process. During the packaging process, each functional module can be packaged by dragging it. For example, a certain functional module must be in it, then you can drag it directly. Just move it in. After dragging is complete, the next thing to do is for those projects that do not need to be encapsulated or are insignificant, you can pull them out of the project.

The next thing that the ios package needs to do is to configure it. This is very important. During the configuration process, you can choose to add some features, or you can choose to delete some features. After the configuration is complete, the next step is to enter The interface settings supported by the version. After the package is completed, what version does this application support? Then you need to choose the corresponding version. After selecting this version, then you need to create a static library. Of course, this must be created. After the creation is complete, you need to figure out whether there are some files that need to be exposed. , Then the files to be exposed must be placed at the very end. After completing a series of preparations, check whether there are any errors. If there are no errors, it means that everything is normal, and you can start formal packaging at this time. Package.

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