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The use of visual aids to capture user's attention has become an important part in the AppStores. As the competition in the AppStore continues to intensify, you need to find a way to separate yourself from competitors. Optimizing the metadata of the application is to target the audience Metadata is the most effective way of doing this, but you need to pay close attention to creating visually appealing screenshots to persuade users to download and / or buy apps to increase conversion rates.

The screenshot opens to highlight the features and user interface of the application, allowing users to clearly understand the content in the application, users download the application with eye-catching visual effects, and use the available screenshots to attract the attention of the audience, GooglePlay Each device has a maximum of 8 screenshots, while iOS only has a maximum of 5 screen app screenshots.

Horizontal screenshots may be good and appear in the user search of the AppStore. On the contrary, for some applications, it is more ideal to use, because two screenshots will appear in the search. When designing screenshots, the following points are needed: The brand color is consistent with the brand logo, using the latest updates to display concepts or character art, using high contrast, easy to read fonts, using call-to-action phrases to increase conversion rates, using a large number of targeted keywords on each screenshot, and using The heavier font weight highlights the possibility of deploying an application to a foreign domain when making these designs. If an application is launched in another country, it needs to ensure that the creative attracts those audiences. This process is called local , Including callout text, callout banner or background color, ios internal test callout text and high-volume keywords, screen shot direction, etc.

Apple enterprise signature application development requires skills, expertise and experience. If there are some ideas or concepts that you want to develop into a game, experienced developers can provide professional advice. The role of APP in various industries cannot be ignored, such as In education, it supports the development by developing educational applications. In terms of economic development, it is developed and applied for banks. These applications provide a fast and convenient payment method and can be remitted to individuals and businesses. One of them is very Good features, these applications are developed with user security. By installing a bank application on the phone, encrypted currency transaction applications can use it in exchange for encrypted currency payments. Bitcoin and Ethernet Plaza are two widely used encryption Currency, free upload app using Bitcoin or Ethernet wallet app, health calculator is an application that provides health reading or information when reading health.

In terms of development, before starting to build an application, the demand gap is actually a demand gap. To understand whether users will download such applications, if you do not investigate, you need to ask users for important design features, no matter how many applications Success, even with millions of users, you must use all marketing strategies to promote and continue marketing, optimizing applications for search engines and app stores.

Continuous improvement is also important. Seek feedback from users and provide regular updates based on the feedback received. Before you start, thoroughly test the application. Do not rush to launch the application. Hire a group of testers to test all its features, buttons, and functions. And pages, thoroughly test the application, features simple, and users can navigate.

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