How to make a personal app

What should I do for personal app production? In recent years, the popularity of mobile phones has become higher and higher, and many people especially like to use mobile phones. During the use of mobile phones, there may be many applications installed on the mobile phone, and many people are willing to download and experience these. Applications, even now network programming technology is no longer popular, but the development technology of mobile phone applications has become a citron, so in this case, many people want to do it themselves A mobile phone application, I hope this program can be experienced by more people, then how should this program be made? After all, ordinary people do not understand programming languages, design or development processes. In this case, it is really difficult for ordinary people to do it personally. Now the situation is different, because A new way to make applications.

The new app production method is relatively simple to say, it is the so-called modular production. This production method is particularly popular now, so that an ordinary person can quickly have his own application. Find some platforms, please note that the design styles are different on different platforms, and there are different functions on different platforms. You can find more platforms, and then you can quickly create applications on this platform. Go to register above. After registration is complete, you can start modular editing on this platform. There are a lot of things to do. For example, what kind of style does your application's login page need, and then open it? What kind of icons do the pages need to have, and what kind of state do they need to show? These can be set manually by dragging with your own mouse, and then you can quickly build a Personal private application.

The general methods of making personal apps are introduced here. This method of personally making mobile applications is now very popular, so that ordinary people can quickly own an application of their own. This application takes After the past, you can immediately package and download it, and then you can share it with more friends. When packaging on this platform, you can also support super signature packaging or enterprise signature packaging. This application is not only ready to be installed, but also can be further shared to more good friends in the App Store.

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