Apple signature application content push needs attention

Apple Enterprise Signing With more than 8 million enterprise signing applications in the Android Store and AppStore, competition is getting fiercer and fiercer and harder to attract users. Users need to create revenue to promote applications. In a crowded environment, it should be The application formulates a personalized user acquisition strategy. Investing in organic channels has a great return on user acquisition. From ASO to mobile networks, content that requires budget expenditure or income as a payment channel can participate in content marketing.

1. Focus on optimization first. Users browsing the app store found that 63% of iOS apps and 58% of Android apps increase traffic and more downloads. In-app test apps can rank higher in search results, keywords, titles, and Description optimization, icons, and screenshots are all key points. Another source for obtaining users is to build a mobile website. In addition to store searches, many people search on the Internet. You can point users' searches to the app store page. Add information and Content, links to store pages, and creative pictures showing expectations for the product.

2, social media.

Active participation in social media channels will arouse user interest in the app. You can share content in blog posts and other people ’s posts, as well as industry news on social media. By analyzing behavior on social media, decide which channel is the most suitable for your target audience When sharing content, do n’t forget to use popular hashtags in ios internal testing. Emails have a great chance of attracting users to the app. Users can be directed to a store page or a piece of content in the mobile app to notify the user when there is an update. Or send targeted messages to let users and contacts improve the app based on the collected feedback.

3. External publicity.

Contact the media to write and promote applications, and improve the installation of organic users. After the organic acquisition is maintained at a certain level, it is especially important to further invest in the payment channels for user acquisition. If the potential users are successfully positioned online, they can improve the app store rankings and banner ads The purpose of the application is to promote the application. By clicking on the banner ad, it will be directed to the advertiser's website or the app's free landing page. The user can identify the application and allow more users to register or try out the product.

If you want to add push function to Apple signature, you need to pay attention to two points. Among them, the signed enterprise certificate configuration file, ie mobileprovision file, needs to support the push function. Another point is that your packaged app needs to support the push function.

The packaged App needs to support the push function.

1. The configuration of push items in xcode8 needs to be complete, and then push functions are integrated in the project.

2. Configure the push function in apicloud, add configuration items in config.xml, and then integrate push in the code.

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