What is the process that soft agency needs to go through

What is the specific process that the soft agency last experienced? Note that you can see an application or develop a software, then at this time because you are working hard to develop, so this application should have its own registration rights, but many friends will only develop applications Procedures, but I do n’t understand the handling of copyright at all. This involves a lot of processes and some legal knowledge. It ’s normal for everyone to understand. After all, they are not legal professionals. It is not a professional in copyright, but copyright is very important for the development team or for developers and company customers. If you do not get the copyright, it will be very important for the copyright to be owned by others. Trouble, given that I won't do this.

Then it can naturally be handed over to some specialized agency companies. Here are the general steps to go through in the agency companies. Softening the rough steps that an agency needs to go through is actually very simple. For example, if you need to understand the business in this area, then find such a company in advance and then learn about the business. You can call and consult in the past, or Visit the official websites of these companies, and they have been announced on the official websites. The general process and some materials need to be prepared. If you are familiar with it and you are sure to do it in a company, then make a call at this time In the past, I talked in detail, or consulted to see what kind of materials to prepare, and then I prepared these materials myself. After the materials were prepared, I submitted them directly to these agencies.

Then after the agency company has obtained these materials, it can begin to enter the formal agency process. At this time, the relevant materials need to be submitted to the relevant department for review. This agency company is very familiar with the process, so this process should be very Can be done soon. The soft agency is patiently waiting, because these materials have met the requirements and have been submitted to the relevant departments for review, then the relevant departments will issue relevant copyright certificates after passing the review. Then users can get this Certificate, so that you have the right to register the software you developed yourself, as long as you follow the instructions of these agencies to do it step by step, I believe that your software will soon get copyright.

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