User License Agreement

User License Agreement




You'er welcome to use YouYi Platform and Services!


This agreement is an agreement between you and Sichuan Interconnected Technology Co., Ltd. This agreement shall be effective from the time 

of your confirmation of acceptance or your use of YouYi Platform And the act of the service will take effect from the time it takes place 

(whichever comes first).


This agreement will legally bind your use of the software and services. If you install and use the software, you will be deemed to have known, 

understood and accepted the entire contents of this agreement. Therefore, you must read carefully and fully understand the content of each clause,

especially the clauses for exemption or limitation of liability, dispute resolution and applicable laws (If you are a minor under 18 years of age, you 

should be reviewed by a legal guardian Accompany and pay special attention to the terms of use for minors). If you do not agree with any content 

of this agreement, or if you cannot understand the interpretation of the terms of this agreement accurately, please do not perform any subsequent

operations. Otherwise, your use and any operation will be deemed to have been bound by this agreement.


About this service


Refers to the service where you download music, wallpapers, videos, games and other applications through the Youyi platform and 

www.hlhjapp.com website. In this service process, Youyi is only used as a platform for downloading and displaying the above 

applications, not applications provider.


Service scope


1. The main services such as application download, installation, and update provided by Youyi are free of charge.


2. In order to provide you with effective services, Youyi needs to link to Internet resources. For specific traffic cost standards, you need 

   to know the relevant tariff information from the operator yourself and bear the relevant costs yourself.


3. In order to provide more high-quality and secure services, you may be recommended to install other applications when installing this 

   software. You can install it by your self or not.


Software use


1. You can use the official website of Youyi to obtain the software, or you can use third-party websites or channels to obtain the software.


2. If you obtain this software or an installation program with the same name as this software from other channels that are not authorized 

   by Youyi, we cannot guarantee whether the software can be used normally, and we will not be responsible for the losses caused to you.


3. We may have developed different software versions for different terminal devices. You should choose to download the appropriate 

   version for installation according to the actual situation, and you must not install this software on other terminal devices without the 

   express permission of the interconnection and mutual interconnection. We do not take any responsibility for the risks and losses caused 

   by your incorrect software version installation.


The Third-party products and services


1. In order to ensure your legal rights and interests, when using downloaded third-party products or services, please read the content of the 

    relevant user agreement of the third-party application carefully. All your use of the third-party application has nothing to do with Youyi. In case

    of disputes, Youyi does not take any responsibility.


2. Because you use the software or ask Youyi to provide specific services, you understand and agree that the software may call third-party  

   systems or support your     use or access through third parties, and the results of use or access will be provided by the third party.


3. You should understand and agree that the resource applications such as mobile applications, games, music, e-books, wallpapers, etc. 

   that you browse and download using this service are provided by third parties, not developed and provided by the software. Youyi does 

  not guarantee the legality, security, applicability and stability of any mobile applications, games and other resources that are not released 

  by us and assume related responsibilities.


4. You should make your own judgment on resources such as mobile applications and games in this service, and bear all risks caused by the 

    use of related resources. Youyi cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the foregoing risks.


The Specifications of Behavior And content  


In using the Youyi platform and services, you are prohibited from carrying out activities including but not limited to the following:


1. Use the software and services to engage in content that opposes the basic principles established by the Constitution;


2. Use this software and services to engage in content that endangers national security, leaks state secrets, subverts state power, 

    and undermines national unification;


3. Use the software and services to engage in content that harms national honor and interests;


4. Use the software and services to engage in content that incites ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermines national unity;


5. Use the software and services to engage in content that undermines the country ’s religious policies, and promotes cults and feudal 



6. Use the software and services to engage in rumors, disrupt social order, and disrupt social stability;


7. Use the software and services to engage in obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;


8. Use the software and services to engage in content that insults or slanders others and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests 

   of others;


9. Use this software and service to upload any viruses, Trojans, or worms that harm network health;


10. Produce, publish, and disseminate software used to steal Youyi and others' exclusive information, property, and confidential information;


11. Use this software to publish, transmit, and disseminate advertising information and spam in batches;


12. Use this software to publish, transmit, disseminate, and store content that infringes on other people's intellectual property rights, trade 

     secret rights and other legal rights;


13. Other uses of this software and other services provided by Youyi in any illegal way, for any illegal purpose, or in any way inconsistent with 

      this agreement.


About the account

If you agree to register as a user of Youyi in your true identity, you should observe the following:


1. Ensure that the personally identifiable information provided is true and complete, and assume corresponding legal liability and 

   adverse legal consequences for the false information provided in accordance with legal provisions and this agreement. You should 

   not transfer or lend their account number and password to others. If you find that your account has been used illegally by others, 

   you should immediately notify Youyi. Due to hacking or your careless negligence, your account and password are illegally used by 

   others. Youyi does not assume any liability beyond the provisions of the law.


2. After registering as a user of Youyi, if you need to modify or change the personally identifiable information provided, you should notify 

    Youyi in accordance with the method published by Youyi and provide relevant proof. After receiving the notice and reviewing the relevant 

    certificates (Youyi only     undertakes the formal review responsibility for the relevant documents, and does not undertake the substantive 

    review of the review of the relevant certificates),  Youyi will provide you with modification and change services within a reasonable time.


3. Youyi has the right to ask you to provide and check whether the identity information you provided during registration is true, and take necessary 

    technical and management measures to ensure the security and effectiveness of your account.


4. You are obliged to properly keep your account and password, and use your account and password correctly and securely in strict accordance 

    with the provisions of this agreement. If you cause the loss of your password or account theft due to your own reasons and cause damage to 

    your and other people ’s civil rights, you shall bear the corresponding responsibility yourself, and Youyi shall not bear legal responsibility.


5. If you find that the assigned account number or password is illegally used by others or there is an abnormal use, you should promptly notify 

    Youyi according to the method announced by Youyi, and provide valid personal identity information consistent with the original registrant. 

    After verifying the valid personally identifiable information you provide, Youyi will provide you with the necessary assistance in maintaining 

    your legal rights as much as possible.


6. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, when you provide Youyi with a valid personal identity document that is consistent 

    with the registered identity information, Youyi will provide you with the necessary assistance and support, and provide relevant administrative 

    and judicial authorities as needed. Provide relevant evidence information.


7. You agree to accept that Youyi will send you product promotions or other related commercial information through email or other means.

8. If you violate any of the above provisions when using network services, Youyi or its authorized persons have the right to request you to correct 

    or directly take all necessary measures (including but not limited to changing or deleting your uploaded content, etc., suspension or termination 

    Your right to use web services) to mitigate the impact of your misconduct.


Intellectual property


1. Any text, pictures, graphics, audio and / or video materials included in the software or services provided by Youyi are protected by copyright, 

    trademark and / or other property ownership laws. Without the consent of the relevant right holders, the above materials are It may not be published, 

    broadcast, rewritten or redistributed directly or indirectly in any media, or used for any other commercial purpose.

2. All rights of the software provided by Youyi (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, recordings, music, text and 

   additional programs, and accompanying help materials included in the software) belong to the copyright of the software Person, you may not reverse

   engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software without permission from the copyright owner of the software.

User Information Protection

Protecting your personal information is an important principle of Youyi. We will take reasonable measures to protect your personal information and use

professional encrypted storage and transmission methods for related information to ensure the security of your personal information. For details about 

the protection of personal information of users, please refer to the "Privacy Policy". You should have understood and accepted the relevant 

"Privacy Policy" when using this service.


  1. For the application software displayed by Youyi from a third-party website, your stored content (video, music), your published content

    (such as pictures, comments), and other content linked or pointed to by such content (such as advertisements) , Promotion) and other

       content not directly provided by Youyi, Youyi is not responsible for its legitimacy, accuracy, completeness and reliability, nor does it assume

       any legal liability beyond the provisions of the law, nor does it make any Express or implied warranties, including but not limited to guarantees 

       of ownership, quality, non-infringement of third party rights, and no viruses.

2. Youyi has the right to improve or correct any omissions or errors in any part of this service.

3. Youyi does not guarantee (including but not limited to):

(1) The application software and services provided are suitable for your use requirements;

(2) Network services are uninterrupted, timely, secure, reliable, or free from errors, including hacking, network interruptions, telecommunications

     issues, and other force majeure;

(3) Youyi will not be responsible for any network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or beyond the control of Youyi. However, 

     Youyi will  try its best to reduce the loss and impact on you.

Special tips for teenagers

Teenagers You must abide by the National Convention on Internet Civilization for Teenagers: Be good at studying online and not viewing bad

information; be honest and friendly, not insult and deceive others; increase awareness of self-protection, not casually dating netizens; maintain 

network security, and not disrupt online order ; To be beneficial to physical and mental health, not to indulge in virtual time and space.

Agreement modification

  1. The services under this agreement are updated by Youyi at any time. The updated agreement will replace the original agreement terms.

    If you do not accept the     revised agreement terms, you have the right to choose to stop using the service; once you continue to use the

    service, it means You have accepted the modified terms of the agreement. In the event of a dispute between you and Youyi regarding this

      agreement, the latest version of the service agreement shall prevail.

 2.The services provided by Youyi are at risk of service interruption or failure to meet your requirements due to factors such as force majeure, 

    computer viruses or hacking, system instability, your location, communication lines, Youyi's own operational adjustments, and partner adjustments. .

 3. Both you and Youyi have the right to terminate this agreement at any time, except if there is an uncompleted transaction between you, 

   Youyi will not bear any responsibility.

Legal jurisdiction

  1. The conclusion, implementation and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of the

    People'sRepublic of China and subject to the jurisdiction of the Chinese courts.

  2. If there is any dispute between the two parties regarding the content of this agreement or its implementation, the two parties shall

    try to resolve the issue through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the court of Chengdu

    High-tech Development Zone.

Other regulations

  1. This agreement constitutes a complete agreement between the two parties on the matters agreed in this agreement and other related matters.

    Except as provided in this agreement, no other rights are granted to the parties to this agreement.

2. If any clause in this agreement is completely or partially invalid or does not have any enforceability for any reason, the remaining clauses of this

    agreement shall remain valid and binding.