YouYi application audit standards


"Youyi" is a brand of Sichuan Interconnected Technology Co., Ltd.. Currently, its business mainly covers mobile application testing and distribution services, and has multiple product lines; "Youyi" specilize in in-app test and application distribution for iOS developers. , A platform which is designed to solve the problems of instability, complexity, and inefficiency when developers distribute applications to users. The SDK brings great convenience to developers to collect feedback from internal testing. The service industry includes games, government, software outsourcing, app applications, entertainment and other industries, with over 10,000 service cases; "Youyi" has a team of 10 years in-house app distribution experience, manual service with 7x24 hours, it save a lot of time and cost for the in-app Testing and distribution.

Each of our amendments will be based on the latest laws and regulations, based on guaranteeing the legitimate rights and interests of developers and users, to treat all developers fairly, and strive to create a positive and healthy mobile Internet application environment. We expect to get high-quality, reliable, and healthy applications, and we hope that you are just like us, so developers need to understand some of the principles of the application. If your application has the situations listed in the following 2-7, it will be taken down:

2. Application Function

2.1 Problems with application functions

2.1.1 Apply force or induce modification to system default settings

2.1.2 Application functions need to rely on third-party applications to achieve

2.1.3 Application requires login, but no registration channel is provided in the application

2.1.4 The account registration function is unavailable

2.1.5 The application login account function is unavailable, and the application cannot be successfully logged in 3 times during the application audit

2.1.6 The application requires the support of other hardware devices, and the auditor cannot test

2.2 Application description and actual function do not match

2.2.1 Application acts to deceive users to download and use

2.3 Applying for dangerous permissions or permissions and functions do not match

2.3.1 The permission applied by the application is inconsistent with its actual function

2.3.2 Application of actual functions does not require a resident notification bar but a resident notification bar

2.3.3 The application cannot close the resident notification prompt

2.3.4 The actual function of the application does not need to be started but started

2.3.5 Application Forces Device Restart Before Installation or Running

2.4 Application functions have restrictions

2.4.1 Application functions are only used by some users, such as restricting the user ’s geographical area or for internal use only

2.5 Malicious behavior of the application

2.5.1 Malicious behavior of the application

2.5.2 Application sends SMS without user permission

2.5.3 Application has a virus

2.5.4 Application has a fee-sucking behavior

2.5.5 Application consumes too much network traffic

2.5.6 Application makes a call without user permission

2.5.7 The application modifies the calling number, the main function is to deceive the called user

2.5.8 The application is not running, but system functions such as GPS and Bluetooth will still be activated

3. Application Properties & AD

3.1 Problems with application display content

3.1.1 Application content is infringing

3.1.2 App name contains illegal content

3.1.3 Application name infringement

3.1.4 Application description or update description contains illegal content

3.1.5 App description or update description contains infringing content

3.1.6 The introduction uses limit words or false promises that violate the new advertising law (such as "most" "first" "only" "NO.1" "required" "free delivery" "100%" "global "" Top ", etc.);

3.1.7 Introduction contains illegal content (such as infringement, pornography, terrorist violence, reactionary, etc.)

3.2 There are problems with the image resources displayed by the application

3.2.1 Application screenshot does not match the actual interface of the application

3.2.2 The application screenshot is ambiguous and cannot distinguish the content of the screenshot

3.2.3 Application screenshot contains illegal content

3.2.4 Application screenshots are infringing

3.2.5 The notification of the application screenshot contains content that has nothing to do with the application function, please keep only the signals, carrier information and other tips that come with the mobile phone system

3.2.6 The ICON displayed by the application is not the same as the ICON installed on the device. Please compare the ICON displayed by the application on the page and the mobile phone.

3.2.7 ICON application contains illegal content

3.2.8 Application ICON infringement

3.3 Advertising

3.3.1 The application creates the desktop shortcut without user permission or by default

3.3.2 Applications are installed by default without user permission or installed by default

3.3.3 Application Modifying System Default Settings Without User Permission

3.3.4 Application behavior that induces users to click on ads

3.3.5 App has notification bar ads

3.3.6 The application has repeatedly found that there is advertisement behavior in the notification bar, which will no longer be  indexed

3.3.7 There is a compulsory points wall in the application, and it is mandatory to exchange for points to use at startup

3.3.8 The app has the function to induce users to earn points for currency or prizes

3.3.9 Application of earning points to redeem phone bills, cash and other prizes (not included for the time being)

3.3.10 Apps have preemptive lock screen behavior

3.3.11 App ads behave like system notifications or warnings

3.3.12 The main purpose of the application is to display advertising or marketing

3.3.13 Floating window ads frequently pop up during application use, interrupting user operations and affecting user experience

3.3.14 App contains empty ad field

3.3.15 App ads contain bad or illegal information

4.2 App has pornographic content

4.2.1 Apps that contain pornographic content or excessive sexual organs but are not intended to be artistically aesthetic or emotional

4.2.2 The application allows users to submit pornographic content, such as allowing users to post pornographic photos, text, etc.

4.2.3 Sex shop applications are prohibited from the existence of communities, forums and other functions that allow users to post posts, information and comment posts

4.2.4 Application introductions, application screenshots, descriptions, etc. contain pornographic content

4.3 The application has illegal money transactions or contains loans and deposits

4.3.1 App has cash or circulating currency gambling function

4.3.2 App contains loan and storage content

4.4 Political issues

4.4.1 App contains defamatory, personal assault or insulting content to national leaders

4.4.2 Application contains anti-government and anti-social content

4.4.3 Applications with Political Mistakes

4.5 User experience

 4.5.1 Lottery applications, including applications for purchasing lottery tickets and purchasing lottery tickets (not available)

 4.5.2 Applications whose main function requires root permission (not available)

 4.5.3 The function of application design is mainly to make users disgusted and afraid

 4.5.4 The application must not have content that is prone to discomfort or vulgarity, such as excessive display of bloody and pornographic scenes

 4.5.5 Any "enemy" role in the application exists against any real race, culture, government or company, and any real individual

 4.5.6 The religious content involved in the application is missing or inappropriately used and misleading. The content is used for non-educational or inflammatory purposes

 4.5.7 Content that is defamatory, insulting or offensive against a certain religion, culture or race, or that may cause emotional harm to people in this group

4.6 In-app sweepstakes related functions and content

 4.6.1 Contests and sweepstakes in applications are not initiated by application developers

 4.6.2 Contests and sweepstakes are not clearly described in the user agreement of the application

 4.7 Improper Developer Behavior

 4.7.1 Developers can hack, localize, decompile or repackage an application for which the copyright has been clearly assigned. The application will be rejected and the developer's account will be cancelled.

 4.7.2 There is a problem with the application submitted by the developer or the developer's own reasons, and the developer should apply for rejection, deletion or delisting.

4.8 Blockchain

4.8.1 The application contains the content of token issuance (ICO) financing, specifically referring to digital currencies, ICOs, blockchain wallets, etc. Specifically refer to the "Public Bank of China Central Network Information Office, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Industry and Commerce Bureau, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission's Announcement on Preventing the Financing Risk of Token Issuance"

5. Damage to Device

5.1 The user may damage the device when running the application

5.2 Applications can quickly consume power or cause equipment to overheat

5.2.1 The application does not start, but the continuous use of GPS and other functions results in rapid user power consumption

5.2.2 The application does not start, but it will consume CPU and memory for a long time and cause the device to overheat

6. Legal Requirements

6.1 Violation of national laws and regulations

6.2 Application allows sharing of illegal files or content

6.2.1 Application to encourage or encourage crime or violence

6.2.2 Application to encourage drunk driving or to publish data on drunk driving detection points that have not been approved by the traffic management department

6.2.3 Apply excessive promotion of alcohol or dangerous goods (such as poisons, explosives, etc.), or encourage minors to consume cigarettes and alcoholic beverages

6.3 Application has copyright infringement

6.3.1 The application is a cracked, pirated, or unauthorized application

6.3.2 Copyright certificates should not be provided for single books, and no disclaimer should be provided for bookstore applications.

6.4 Application is fraudulent

6.4.1 Apps that deceive, forge, or mislead users

6.5 Privacy protection

6.5.1 The application collects, transmits, or uses the user's location information without prompting the user or without user authorization

6.5.2 The application transmits and uses the user's private data, such as contacts, photos, and SMS records, without the user's consent

6.5.3 Application Forces Users to Share Their Personal Information, such as Email Address or Birthday

6.5.4 Application to collect information on minors

6.5.5 Developers' applications that steal user passwords or other user personal data will be cancelled Youyi account

7. Apply Video Demo Review

7.1 Problems with video content

7.1.1 The content of the application video is too simple, the application features are not highlighted, and the promotional value is small

7.1.2 In the application video, the operation demo is too fast, please slow down the demo

7.1.3 Application video content does not match application function or introduction information

7.1.4 Infringing content in the application video

7.1.5 App videos contain pornography, bloody violence, politics, gambling, etc.