Is free app distribution unreliable?

Is it unreliable to distribute apps for free? Distributing applications is a paid service. Of course, some platforms will provide some preferential treatment. Of course, it is free during the discount period. After the discount period, it may be charged, and some platforms provide some free times. Of course, this number is limited every day. If you exceed this number, you need to settle the fee. There is no purely free platform. Here we must tell you clearly that if a certain platform is under the guise of free for everyone Distributing the application, it is likely to be in a trap. Such a platform that is completely free or advertises all free is not credible.

Free distribution of apps generally has a free number of times. For example, some platforms are free 100 times a year. Beyond 100 times, the cost must be calculated, because the channels of these platforms need to be used when distributing. Channel management is not easy, and it must be continuous. Long-term management can get user recognition. Then these applications can be distributed on this platform to be truly effective and to truly get users. Trust, so such valuable channels for application distribution cannot all be free, but there are only some benefits or some free treatments. Now on this platform to do this Business expenses are usually settled by number of times, for example, 1,000 times may be 30 yuan or 40 yuan.

Then 10,000 times may be between 200 and 300 yuan. This is a rough market in the current market. If the charge of a certain platform is much lower than this market, it may indicate that this platform will be a little bit messy. I can share so many questions about the unreliability of free app distribution for the time being. Now the application distribution industry is more competitive, and many users are developed applications. When these applications are released, of course, I hope it can be used by more users. At this time, a good distribution channel is essential. These so-called completely free distribution channels may have the problem of arbitrary charges in the middle, or the problem of malicious competition and malicious downloads, so try not to choose such a free platform.

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