How does Android distribution charge?

It can be said that Android applications have been welcomed by many people. Many people will need to download some applications. The main purpose of downloading some applications is to bring convenience to themselves. Some people are learning about applications. After the market, you may want to develop applications. If you have personal needs, then you will be advised to let yourself know about application distribution. So how do you generally charge for Android distribution? Many people pay more attention to the problem of charge collection. They want to let them know how the cost is and how much they want to make, because if there is no problem with this cost, it may not be Too much reassurance will easily cause some trouble, let's analyze it for everyone, I hope everyone can understand clearly.

How do I generally charge for android distribution? In fact, you don't need to worry about the collection of fees. Many people worry that there may be a problem of fixed fees. In other words, you may need to charge a higher fee. In fact, such concerns are completely unnecessary. Because the charge is generally collected according to the number of downloads, that is to say, the number of downloads has a certain relationship with the charge. If the number of downloads is more, then the charge It will be a bit higher, if the number of downloads is relatively small, you will not be charged a higher fee, so this is also a good way to help you avoid some unreasonable charging situation, can let everyone Feel more satisfied with the cost issue.

How do I generally charge for Android distribution? After the above introduction, everyone will be able to understand the problems in this area. You can know how the fees are collected in this aspect. As long as individuals can spend more time to understand and let themselves know the cost After collecting the problem, then there is no need to make everyone feel worried. Relatively speaking, you can still feel confident about the cost. After you understand the cost problem, it is basically unnecessary for everyone to feel the problem. I'm confused. If I still feel worried about the cost, I can also ask the staff about some issues in the beginning.

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