Mobile phone application flashback reasons vivox20 screenshot

In the process of using smart phones, I believe that many people have encountered flashbacks, especially Android mobile phone users. Among them, Android mobile phone application flashback is the longest. This problem is also confused by many people, so this is common. What are the reasons?

Causes of mobile phone application flashback and common repair methods. Due to the characteristics of the Android system, if the junk files are not cleaned for a long time, the mobile phone will become more and more stuck in use, and flashback will also occur.

Go to Settings-Application Management-All, find the application that has a problem, and clear the data and cache (Note: clearing the data will clear the application's personal settings, account information, etc.).

Insufficient memory. Insufficient memory is an important reason for many programs to crash. Android is easy to audit and many third-party software are easy to implant various virus codes. Some software requires a stable network, which uses a 2G / 3G network. The possibility of flashback is relatively large. It is recommended to use some large game software under WIFI environment, and it can also be upgraded to 4G network.

Oxvivox20 is the latest smartphone launched by vivo. As a full-screen mobile phone, it is sought after by young consumers. Many users do not know how to take screenshots of vivox20.

Shortcut screenshot.

[Power key] + [Volume-] shortcut screen combination is a common screenshot method for Android phones, and it is also suitable for vivo phones.

The user only needs to open the vivo screenshot interface, and then quickly hold down the [Power Key] + [Home] keys simultaneously. When a click sound is heard or the screen flashes, the screen capture is successful.

Super screenshot, the super screenshot function is built into the vivo system, and the screenshot function is very powerful, including ordinary screenshot, long screenshot, rectangular screenshot, fun screenshot, and even screen recording and other functions.

How to use: First, open the interface where vivo needs to take screenshots, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen, open the shortcut menu at the bottom, and then click to open the "super screenshot" function, and then select the normal screenshot, long screenshot and other functions, select The required screen capture method is enough. Generally speaking, as long as you master the use of the vivo shortcut screen capture and super screen capture functions, it is enough. If you want to know other methods, you can simply look at it.

1. Use screen capture software to take screenshots, such as screenshot master, mobile phone QQ's own screenshot function and so on.

2, connect Android to the computer with the help of Android phone assistant, then open the Android phone assistant, and use the assistant tool to take screenshots on the computer.

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