Android beauty SDK how to draw a special mind map

No matter which APP is on the market, it corresponds to Android (Android) and Apple (iOS) systems. The same is true of the beauty SDK. Usually, the platform will conduct a certain review before accessing the beauty, such as the beauty of the connected SDK Color effects, functional types, prices, etc., then there will be a difference between the two ends, what is the difference between the Android Beauty's SDK.

What's the difference between Android Beauty and Apple Beauty.

In fact, there is no difference. If you have to tell the obvious difference, the development environment of the two systems is different. First, the development environment of the Android system is relatively easy to implement, because there are more allowable systems, but compared to Apple A single and relatively closed system, the development environment is more limited to implement, so the Apple system is more time-consuming and labor-intensive during development, but if the later test results, Apple's single system is a bit more labor-saving than the complex Android system .

How to define the cost of Android beauty?

Regarding the cost of the Android Beauty SDK, it is not realistic to say a specific price, because there are many service providers on the market today to provide corresponding services, but because the types of functions included in them are different, and they are sold The methods are also different, so only a certain reference can be given. At present, the cost of beauty products ranges from 3w to 100w. The details are based on the platform's own situation and needs. Of course, some service providers Android beauty and Apple beauty are included or bundled for sale, but some are sold separately and this is also determined according to the actual situation.

In general, the Android Beauty SDK can be regarded as being set for Android app users, because some platforms may be operated in the early stage or the scale is small, and the Android market that is relatively easy to list and distribute will be selected in advance. For the operation of the platform, choose the Apple-side beauty SDK. This will not only save a certain amount of money, but also reduce time and cost.

Mind map is a thinking tool that is welcomed and relied on by many professionals. Usually, we use a computer to draw a mind map, and then use a slide to show the mind map. When there is no computer outside, I want to open the mind map to view and Editing is not very convenient. At this time, what you need is a mobile mind map. So how to use an Android phone to make a mind map and synchronize it to a computer.

1. Enter the Android phone application market and search for “MindMaster mind map”.

2. Open the software and enter the registration login interface. If you have an account, you can log in directly. If you don't have an account, you can directly register (you can use WeChat or QQ to log in).

3. After login, the following is displayed. The function buttons are from the left to the right for recent browsing, cloud files, new canvas, map community, Mine (personal center). To draw a mind map, click the new canvas button "+" in the middle.

4. After entering the canvas, the lower toolbar is from left to right for creating new sibling themes, new sub-themes, new floating themes, adding pictures, and adding (outer frames, labels, relationship lines, outlines).

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