Ios signature submission to avoid being rejected to choose the correct IOS

To avoid being rejected when submitting an application, you must be familiar with certain requirements of the application review process. Whether the submitted application will be rejected will directly affect the outlook of the application. The following shows some suggestions on how ios enterprise signatures can be approved by the application review.

1. Eliminate crashes and errors, make sure that all crashes and errors in the application have been fixed before submitting the application, Apple is known for its highly rigorous selective review of the super signature process, and there are almost no apps in the app store that do not meet the basic requirements Programs, before submitting the application, should do is to patch vulnerabilities and errors to prevent the application from being rejected.

2. Produce helpful content. Apple requires that the application content should be very helpful to attract effective users to download and install. If the application content cannot attract reviewers, the application will not pass the review process, let alone live in the application ios super signature store. To get users, add ideas to the app, give original features, and avoid app rejection.

3. Avoid incomplete information. When submitting the application, it is best to provide the reviewer with complete and true information as much as possible. Incomplete information may cause confusion to reviewers, and may even lead to misunderstanding of the application. The application may Rejected, ready to review all information and materials needed.

4. Improve the design and layout of the stable signature sequence of the application program. To improve the design, you need to ensure that the design and layout of the application is simple, refined and creative, and increase the chance of approval by application reviewers. You must be aware that Apple enjoys unique and concise product designs. High reputation, should try to follow the rules.

Now the development of smart phones, we only go to a lot of mobile applications, such as Taobao, Jingdong and other applications, if your application uses iCloud or some Apple super signature IOS features, you must choose the correct IOSID.

IOS enterprise certificate signing. Enterprises around the world have started using iOS devices because it has enterprise-specific features and high security. iOS is compatible with Microsoft Exchange and standard servers. It can send wireless push emails, calendars and contacts. iOS is in transit. Devices Internal waiting and iTunesapp super signature backup are separately encrypted in three different stages to ensure your data is secure. You can securely access private corporate networks through industry-standard VPN protocols. Companies can also easily deploy iPhones in the enterprise using configuration files .

Do n’t ignore the deployment goals of the application. This is also an important issue. IOS enterprise accounts and iOS devices can be used all over the world. Apple App Super Signature has more than 30 languages for you to choose from. You can also easily switch between various languages. Because the iOS keyboard is designed based on software, there are more than 50 different layouts that support specific language features for you to choose from, including diacritical marks for characters and Japanese associated character options. In addition, the built-in dictionary supports more than 50 languages, VoiceOver can read more than Screen content in 35 languages, voice control function can read more than 20 languages.

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