Can Apple signatures do ASO rankings and why privacy is leaked

Before starting to develop an application, you must face 3 basic questions, what is the target audience, why do you need this application, will it stand out from the competition, and the answer lies in understanding the needs of users and the experience of using similar applications, through customers The survey and focus group are done manually to ensure that the app is ranked high in the AppStore search results. There are some considerations. Think of effective keywords that should be relevant to the app. Super signatures represent a sensible middle point between difficulty and popularity. There is no problem to get more popularity after the application has been upgraded for the first time. There are some helpful theories about the keyword ranking algorithm and the average revenue per user. The first proof is to use the Keywords can more than double the ranking. The second point is that keywords that are too competitive should not be targeted. The best practice for app store optimization is to limit the use of alphabetic characters and punctuation. The title will be used to create an ios super signature application. URL, if the text is most likely to be read by the user, then Description of the application, keep the text short, list all of the most important functions, add social media links and calls to action applications, may have a positive impact on the rankings and downloads using keywords and emoticons.

Make sure that you do n’t lose information related to the app and not too much irrelevant information. By searching the app store for the name you want to buy, you can sell content in the app, thereby improving the high visibility of ios stable signatures, although the search advertising costs are relatively high , But can greatly increase application exposure, users ca n’t see the difference between paid search results and natural search results in the app store. By optimizing subscription and purchase activities instead of just installation, the platform becomes a partner that realizes cost-effective expenditure .

A good icon can get 100% or more in return, follow simple design principles, let the graphics speak, and there are many specific points, such as color association, Apple super signature background gradient, the complexity of the border use, and the design elements. Choices, these can be determined with the help of AB test, create a story behind the app and express it through screenshots, add short explanatory text at the top or bottom to make the information clearer, and see the device type of the app and adjust the screen accordingly The size of the screenshot, the video app preview is one of the trickiest elements in the app page, and it should be tested first.

The complex and meticulous app super-signature security mechanism built by the IOS system can prevent malicious attacks at the same time, which also brings great obstacles to the reverse engineering of application security monitoring, because most applications run on ordinary Apple settings, Therefore, permissions are user permissions, not system (Root) permissions. As mentioned earlier, for applications with ordinary user permissions, their executable code needs to be signed and verified before they can be executed by the processor.

Therefore, it is the main task of application reverse engineering to decompile the application's executable file with the Apple application super signature. For IOS systems, only through device jailbreak can the system vulnerabilities be used to unlock the device, and then (Root) to the system Second, after successful jailbreak, the system loading policy can be modified to allow all signed programs to run, so that when running ordinary Apple-certified applications, test tool software can be loaded for reverse analysis, such as a debugger, Disassembly tools, etc.

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