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The Common Problems Of Developers

Released time: 2019-09-05

How many times can I download and install an application uploaded on the Woodpecker online platform? How long can I save?

The application of the woodpecker online platform has a relationship with the number of downloads selected by the developer, 

which can be discussed in detail.

How to implement an application that only a designated person can access?

To achieve the specified talents to access, you can use the following methods:

1. If the specified person is unsure or does not want others to see the application information, you can select the installation 

method of the application as the password installation in the App settings of the application; after setting the password, the 

user will be required during the installation. Enter the password to install the app.

2. If the specified person is limited to the developer of the app, you can select the installation mode of the app as the invitation to 

install in the App settings of the app. Only the developers in the project members can install the app after setting (excluding the test user)  

3. If you are iOS-type apps packaged in Ad-Hoc mode, you can choose to open the installation, because the apps packaged in this

 way can only be installed by the device with the UDID added by the developer, and other devices cannot be installed.

How do I generate an application test short link and view it?

The system automatically generates a random four character short address, which can also be specified manually (as long as the

address is not occupied). You can view the short connection in My Apps - Settings - App Settings, or open the App page in the 

browser address bar.

The same application, different versions are the same address?

For the same application, in all versions, only the latest version has a short link. Other versions can be accessed with full links

Why when downloading the Android app it shows the download is failed ?

Please note that when downloading fails, please check:

1. Whether the current network is available.

2. Is the phone memory sufficient?

3. Download the .apk application (QQ browser) to get read and write permissions.

Why when downloading the Android app it shows the installation is failed ?

Please note that when the installation fails, please check:

1. Is the same application with different signatures installed on the same mobile phone? If yes, please delete the original

application and reinstall it.

2. When installing the app, if the phone prompts "Cannot install the app from unknown source", then just go to the phone's 

    settings function and open the "Unknown source" app install feature.

Why does the iOS app fail to download the app when it is halfway installed?

There are many reasons that why you can't download completely , but the most common reasons are the following three:

1. Signature invalidation : Certificate invalidation and configuration file invalidation will result in the inability to download the

    application. If the certificate is invalid, you need to replace the valid certificate and repackage it. If the certificate is valid,

    re-export the configuration file and  upload it.

2. The UDID is not added to the beta version of the app: The application packaged in Ad-Hoc mode must be added to the certificate

    file (mobileprovision file) of the packaged application before it can be installed on the device.

3. Packing mode error: When exporting .ipa files for iOS, some developers have chosen the App-Store method. The .ipa files 

   exported in this      way are only suitable for uploading to the Apple App Store, and cannot be installed through the Woodpecker

   online. . If the .ipa file exported in this way is passed to the Woodpecker online, the Woodpecker online will display the "App-Store 

   version", which is not available online through the Woodpecker.

For more reasons, please check:  https://www.hlhjapp.com/portal/article/index/id/27.html

Why has the UDID been added and the app still cannot be installed?

First, check the UDID details in "My Apps - Internal Test Devices" to determine if the UDID is in the list.

if there is no, it may be that the certificate has not been updated. It is recommended to repackage the upload. 

When packaging, be aware that the profile certificate is generated and must be downloaded and double-clicked to

be effective, and do not choose to automatically manage the certificate.

Does the iOS app released on the Woodpecker online support APNs (data-push)?

support. Woodpecker online does not destroy any features of the original app.

What developer account should I use and what certificate should I use to package ipa when uploading iOS app?

You can use any type of Apple developer account, as well as any type of certificate, and then package it with Xcode. As long as

you use the certificate, you can use the Xcode to generate the ipa installation package.

Why there is no any response after clicking Install on iOS 8?

This is due to a bug in iOS 8, developers can try to open the "iOS 8 installation fix" feature in the app settings, and then re-install 

the app.

Does Woodpecker support iOS's Swift app online?

 support. Woodpecker online application distribution, SDK and other features, can perfectly support iOS Swift applications.

why downloading an app, I get a different app downloaded?

Do not select high-speed download when downloading the app first, choose normal download or local download.

If you choose to download other apps from the local download, it may be DNS hijacking, related to the network, it is recommended 

to try to change the network. Such as mobile 4G replacement for Unicom 4G/wifi

What should I do if the application is removed and the account is blocked?

In this case, you usually have an email notification. You can send an email to [email protected] to appeal according to the email 

prompt, or you can submit a work order consultation. If the developer is in the QQ group of the woodpecker online developer, you 

can also consult the QQ group private letter "Wooden Bird Online Appeal".