Application Internal test

One-click upload,SDK access,BUG tracking operation data provided

Release Application

Andriod/iOS Combine two into one,Global CDN speed up download,selectable page

Application Signature

Signature, App signature, Stable and reliable, good quality

Application submission

Expert team to avoid the risk of rejection, submit to hundreds of app in one click

Internal test release

YouYi is committed to providing developers with a fast and simple in-app Internal test distribution platform, helping developers to distribute applications to test users in the easiest and most efficient way.

Get the certificate

Scan payment code, Get IOS certificate, No developer account required


Easy access, Efficient management, define bugs, User hardware, Network, Software data

Combine two into one

One Link, One QR code, Support Android / IOS , Global CDN accelerated download

DIY template

Multiple templates are selectable,Support local server deployment,Support API custom page

Enterprise signature

Guaranteeing stability is our pursuit

  • Unlimited quantity
  • Unlimited downloads,Use more freely,Without jailbreak。
  • Multiple package options
  • According to user needs, provide different packages, Free updates, and provide users with the most economical and affordable services
  • Stability Guaranteed
  • Ownself has an account ,Separate classification management to Guarantee users' independent enjoyment
  • Automated signature
  • No manual intervention required, upload the required APP package, and test & retrieve the package in one minute
Ios App Signature

The new distribution mode of iOS application bids farewell to the trouble of frequent signing drop of enterprise signatures, helping you to steadily improve customer retention. Several versions are available now, giving you more choices, saving time and effort.

Unique mechanism safe and stable

The signature mechanism adopted by iOS app signature is different from enterprise signatures, The dropping signature is very lower than the traditional enterprise signatures

No jailbreak install now

No enterprise signature, no jailbreak, no Apple review, no need to release into APP store, just install after downloading

Installation log, Easy viewing

Complete installation log list, easily view the IP, UDID and installation time of the device installation

One-by-one professional services

Before or after sale, we have dedicated account managers to solve any problem you have at any time

Application Packaging

No need to understand app development technology, professional-level applications are automatically generated in three minutes

Desktop application encapsulation

Only need H5 URL, one-click generation of deleteable and non-deletable desktop applications

Desktop application encapsulation

Only need H5 URL, multiple modules are optional, one-click to generate webapp, simple and fast, support push, etc.

Desktop application encapsulation

No need to understand app development technology, can generate Android / IOS dual system applications

Application submission

APP Store Review experts to avoid being rejected

iOS Online-review

How many app store audit rules? Difficult to list iOS App? Experienced pre-review experts to help you. Rich App Stroe listing experience, providing professional solutions, 99.9% chance of the App being approved。

App Store accelerated review

We can help your iOS app get official review results within 24 hours of submitting to the App Store. Greatly save waiting time for review, let your app meet users faster。

App Store optimization

Keyword optimization, icon design, screenshot design, App Store exquisite video production

Enterprise Developer

Distributed applications

Country and region

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